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“I felt very comfortable in my session with Shaft. He set up a safe relational field for the session, there was clear dialoguing throughout and his touch was very respectful. We started with external work and then, with my permission, we worked internally. I say “we”, because it was a joint venture. This is what made it feel really safe and empowering. After the session was over, I was surrounded by an after-glow and experienced an ecstatic high that lasted for hours. Thank you for this amazing experience.”
— Nir - Australia

Sacred Sexual Awakening is a 3 hour in-person session, with the intention of connecting you to your whole-body orgasmic potential. This is an experience that can be deeply healing, enlivening and enriching, sending ripples of creativity and joy into every area of your life. Every session will be uniquely attuned to you and any boundaries will be completely respected. 

1. Introduction and setting intentions
2. Energy massage
3. Yoni appreciation & meditation
4. Yoni mapping: Guiding you to find the G-spot, A-Spot, K-spot and Cervix
5. Yoni massage: Bringing all the elements together in a deep, expansive yoni massage
6. Cocoon phase: time to process and integrate
7. Sharing

Price: £350 - IT IS highly recommended to do the 4 session package

m: +447977 149 091 (WhatsApp me)
e: the_uddin@hotmail.com
workshops: www.facebook.com/SacredSA



The ceremony begins with an introduction and a brief explanation of Tantra.  You are then invited to set your intention for the session, relax and begin your journey.  

Energy massage

I begin to touch your whole body using a healing touch called the Light of God.  The intention here is to open your energy channels and bring your head, heart and yoni into alignment. Connecting with yoni, you are then invited to express gratitude for her and give her a voice. 

Yoni appreciation & meditation

Now that we are connected to her, I guide you to attune even more deeply to your yoni, through words of appreciation, the gift of presence and mindful clitoral touch.  There is no expectation or pressure for you to orgasm at this or any other point during the session.  I am merely meeting your energy with my presence, allowing you to relax and open more fully into pleasure. 

Yoni mapping: Guiding you to find the G-spot, A-Spot, K-spot and Cervix

If your yoni says yes, I then enter her with my finger and through a process of touch (from me) and verbal and physical feedback (from you), I’ll guide you to discover your key pleasure points.  This can bring up all kinds of emotions and sensations, all of which are welcome. 

Yoni massage: Bringing all the elements together in a deep, expansive yoni massage

With your permission, I then proceed to a full yoni massage.  Since our cells hold memory, there may be moments where you experience pain or discomfort, release emotion or sound and this is all normal and can be profoundly healing if you have had negative sexual experiences or vaginal trauma in the past.  The massage can also activate your sexual energy so profoundly that you orgasm – in your genitals or your entire body – and it’s possible that you may release Amrita (female ejaculate). I have no expectation of you and am simply here to serve your Awakening. There is no wrong response - every response is welcome - and my aim is to hold a pure, loving space, so that you feel safe to let go and experience yourself as the Goddess you are.  

Cocoon phase: Time to process and integrate

As the session draws to a close, I leave you to relax peacefully in a cocoon, so that you can be fully with yourself and enjoy the sensations in your awakened body. Before you dress and we proceed to sharing, we honour your journey with a brief closing ritual. 


Your session concludes with the opportunity to share your experience, before we end with a hug.