YONI De-Armoring

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“My experience has led to a beautiful progress in the perception of myself. The activation is so much deeper than just physical. I am much more aware and appreciative of myself. Cementing self-worth, self-confidence and self-love, and taking the idea of pleasure to the next dimension.”
— Steph - UK

What is Yoni De-armourning?

If you haven’t heard about Yoni De-armouring your not alone, but ask any woman who has… it’s changed their lives forever. The results are way more sensation, a deeper sense of self-love and more powerful deeper orgasms. It has been my mission to get this out to the world and now 15million people know about the power of this Shamanic work due to my collaboration with Vice. This is now being recognised as an important part of women’s well being.

Stress and trauma is stored in the body and is carried in our muscles… like when we get a sore neck from over stress at work. We build up armor to protect ourselves from these situations. When we experience sexual trauma this get stored in our Yoni’s which can be built up over decades of not listening to our bodies. Each time you experience emotional or physical pain, armour is created in the yoni, and this armour affects all present and future relationships.

This can result from:

Unconscious or angry sex, years of emotional torment, shame and guilt, years of not honoring and listening to your body, having sex that doesn't feel good or right for you, having unclear and unstated boundaries, and many other experiences.    


  • Pain or tightness during sex?

  • Some form of sexual trauma?

  • Struggle to reach orgasm with a partner?

  • Numbness, dryness and very little sensation in your yoni?

  • Contracted and hard inner muscles and a hard and overly sensitive cervix?

  • Inability to experience deep yoni orgasms, G-spot and full body orgasms, or no orgasms at all?

  • Being in your head during love making?

  • A need to rub your clit hard as the only way to climax.


Yoni De-Armoring is a powerful and intense holistic healing technique that targets pain and trauma deep inside the tissue of the Yoni using Psycho Sexual Somatic Therapy and pressure point release techniques. I create a safe and sacred container one of unconditional love and none judgement for you to release a life times worth of pain that can be traced back to childhood to the present or even past lives. Honoring your body, listening to your Yoni and voicing whatever is happening to her releases emotional energy. This is deeply connected to your sexual energy and when this runs freely, so does your life.

This session is not a cure for a life time of sexual trauma but a step in the right direction to have the tools to self-heal. Yes this will elevate pain, but more importantly, it will allow you to connect deeply with your Yoni and feel more pleasure once again (or for the first time) and remember what a precious gift you carry. Yoni De-amouring is a holistic healing process that will help you remove any pain stored and held in the yoni. The less armour your yoni holds, the more open, youthful, sexy and vibrant you'll look and feel. Also be aware that every woman is different and some may take longer or even 2 sessions to de-amour the yoni.

In this 2.5hr session we will cover:
1. Introduction, setting intentions and boundaries
2. WOMB connection meditation
4. Cocoon phase: time to process and integrate
5. Sharing

Price: £350 per session - IT IS highly recommended to do the 4 session package

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