How do people benefit from a Sacred Sexual Awakening Session?

Many people have unreleased emotional charges, issues and traumas related to sensuality and sexuality. A series of sessions can have a profound impact on releasing trauma, dissolving blocks and reconnecting you with greater sensitivity and pleasure in your body. This, in turn, allows more joy to flow into your life and relationships.

Why do you sometimes include intimate pelvic and genital touch?

The session only includes genital touch if desired and stated specifically by the client and this work can be external or include internal touch.

Most people have not experienced professional genital touch that is therapeutic and pleasurable. The genitals are the most sensitive area of the body and often store unreleased emotions and memories.

The client is fully supported in their choice and can change their mind at any time during the session.

This work can also be done on the energetic plane without any physical contact whatsoever.

If desired, non-latex gloves can be used for any touch aspect of the session.

While not required for a beneficial session, allowing and experiencing pleasure is one of the best ways to reconnect with ourselves, our bodies and our emotions. The focus is on healing, not necessarily on having an intense sexual experience.

Can I touch the practitioner or reciprocate in some way during the session?

This is your opportunity to receive 100% attention. Your healing will be most effective if you fully surrender to your sensations, emotions or thoughts, without engaging sexually or sensually with the practitioner. This also helps to release you from unconscious patterns of sexual activity that might prevent you from having healthier, more joyful sexual experiences and relationships.

What is the purpose of emotional release work PRACTISED in sessions?

Creating a safe space to speak your truth and release your emotions enables you to come into the present moment. Many people are not joyfully alive or living to their full capacity, because of unreleased emotions about the past or the future. Both verbal and non-verbal emotional release techniques can aid the client in achieving peace, joy and receptivity to sensation and conscious sensuality. This also helps clients to create more intimacy, trust and understanding in all their relationships, not just their sexual ones.

What makes you qualified to offer these sessions?

I feel a profound calling to serve the Goddess and re-awaken the Divine Feminine and Masculine on this planet. My training can be found here. I have both received and given over a 100 sessions. Please find client testimonials throughout my website.

Is there any benefit to Skype/Phone sessions as opposed to In-Person sessions?

While there are significant benefits to in-person work, many people benefit greatly from phone/Skype sessions to build communication, and emotional self-love skills, as well as trust and ease between the client and practitioner before a session, or for continued emotional release, expansion and self-love after a session.

Skype/phone sessions also reinforce the truth that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves without having to be touched by anyone else.

Where does the session take place?

We will mutually agree upon the best place for your session. I work internationally, though am based in London, so can be available for sessions worldwide, depending on my schedule.
The session can take place in your home, my studio or a rented space that is designed for this type of work.

What do I need to bring?

Your intake form, a waiver from and yourself.
Everything else is provided.

Do I need to do anything else to prepare?

Take some time to reflect on your needs, intentions and boundaries. Please come freshly washed, but without any synthetic perfumes or deodorants.

Do I have to be naked?

Once we start the session, there is a ritualised way to take off your items of clothing if you wish.

Are you naked?

No. I may be bare-chested, but I will always wear underpants or pants for Session 1.

For the VIP Package you can request me to be naked.

I’ve never had an orgasm before. Does this matter?

No. Our goal in each session is not to bring you to orgasm, but to respond to your body’s energy flow and support your body in opening to deeper, fuller pleasure and power. There is no shame in having an orgasm or not having one, although, if this has been a difficulty for you in the past, you may find that a number of sessions opens you to this possibility.

What if I ejaculate?

Some women ejaculate when they orgasm. Some women ejaculate for the first time during a session. Some women never ejaculate. Again, whatever happens, there is no shame or judgement and I am prepared for this to happen.

Does it matter if I’m a lesbian?

Not at all - some of my favourite clients are lesbians (see video testimonial on my website). Your capacity to receive and benefit from this service has nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

How far can I go in THE VIP PACKAGE?

As deep as you like. I am here to hold space for your journey. But I also have my boundaries, which we will discuss. 

Does that mean you can penetrate me if I request it IN THE VIP PACKAGE?

Yes, if the energy is right and only if you request it.

How do I pay you?

Please contact me to discuss at


m: +447977 149 091 (WhatsApp me)