My first journey into the world of Tantra was as part of my own Awakening. I experienced life-changing healing, the gifts of abundance, and powers and pleasures beyond my wildest imagination. During a shamanic ritual in Hawaii, I received the Calling to dedicate my life to the Goddess and this is now my path. 

Sacred Sexual Awakening is the process I have developed, following a deep immersion in practitioner training with the most renowned schools of sacred sexuality and healing worldwide, as well as my own ongoing practice and personal initiation from a number of Dakinis, or sexually awakened women. 

I realised that sexual energy  is the most powerful energy on the planet and has the capacity to cause both immense suffering and joy. A woman in touch with her

body, heart and yoni or vulva (the gateway of cosmic creation) has the power to change the world, both on a personal and transpersonal level. 

Sadly, many women are not aware of this innate power or capacity for pleasure, and nor are the men who love them. This is where my role as an educator, guide, initiator and a channel for the Divine Masculine presence of Shiva comes in. 

My calling is to hold a safe space for you to explore and understand the magnificent and transcendent potential of your sexuality, to honour you with the touch of pure, loving presence, to empower you to discover and ask for what you need and to open your entire being to blissful pleasure. 

Your inner Goddess is activated.

"Shaft took me on a journey, which traversed from ecstasy to empowerment, playfulness to deep emotional release. I was delighted to discover my "K" spot and "A" spot and revelled in the pleasure of having my cervix lovingly caressed. As someone who typically experiences orgasm and ecstasy easily, the surprise came when Shaft also hit upon a couple of sensitive spots inside my yoni, including one which immediately triggered a memory of the traumatic birth of my first son. Shaft's presence and magical touch allowed this trauma and my emotion to be lovingly released. I felt totally safe and nurtured. By the end of the session, my whole body was buzzing with golden energy and I felt aglow with love and gratitude.

I think it can be very difficult for people who have not experienced a Yoni massage to grasp its power to heal, open the heart and connect a woman with her ecstatic potential in a very sacred and special way. But, in my view, this kind of massage should be regarded as just as important and valuable as other forms of bodywork for anybody wishing to truly connect with their feminine essence, power and aliveness.

I'm so grateful to Shaft for his obvious gift and dedication to serving the Goddess."
— Beverly - London

It is advisable to state if you would like an expansive, educational session or a therapeutic trauma release session (de-armouring).


Please select one of my offerings:

Sacred Sexual Awakening Session

Would like to have

• Greater self-confidence and creativity
• Vitality, radiance, glowing skin and hair
• Expanded whole-body orgasm and pleasure
• The capacity to harness and direct your sexual energy
• Stress-reduction and greater holistic well-being
• Liberation from sexual shame, fear or trauma
• The potential for female ejaculation  
• Heart-opening
• A sense of transcendence/connection with the Divine
• More life-force and revitalise your relationships
• No more period pain

Do you suffer from

Poor health and immune system •
Stress and sleepless nights •
High blood pressure •
Low libido •
Weak bladder •
Lack of sensitivity and numb areas inside your Yoni •
Contracted inner muscles and painful love making •
Difficulties reaching orgasm with other people •
Lack of intimacy •


the physical and psychological benefits of orgasm:

Have you noticed that the more stressed and run-down you are, the more prone to pain and sickness you become? Ask yourself when the last time you were sick and truly happy was?

How do you feel after a heart connected orgasm? More a live? Like anything's possible?

Research by the New York Times found that:

  • Positive events and pleasure can boost your immune system for up to 2 days

  • Negative events and stress can take their toll for 1 day

This research proves that pleasure is more powerful than pain. And yet we aren’t taught the powerful potential to heal through pleasure. Until now.