We live in a society that is governed by fear. In major cities we live in constant survival mode, fight or flight, not having enough, not being enough. When we taste a mere morsel of love we become possessive and try and own it for ourselves. We compromise our love when we come from a place of fear of losing someone and scarcity. We come from a place of lack rather than a place of love.

Abundance vs Scarcity or simply put Love vs Fear.

The problem comes from humans not knowing that we are an abundance of love. As we grow up we become wounded from our past relationships and we start building barriers around our hearts. We start to cultivate self judgment rather than self love.  

Love is all around us! All we are chasing is that physical sensation around our hearts. We need to educate people why we need to love our selves more and re-pattern our brains and change the way we perceive self love. 

From all the self work, healing and a spending a small fortune on overcoming my addiction, depression and loneliness I have realized it all comes down to this simple Mantra.


“I Love My Life, I Love My Body, Love Myself “
Let me unpacked this mantra for you:
I Love My Life
 = Find your Purpose and love what you do everyday.

I Love My Body = You only have one body. Love it everyday and learn to unlock it's infinite potential.

I Love Myself = Find inner peace everyday and know that you are enough.

The School of Self Love is a movement and we have Love Warriors rising up everyday joining this Awakening that is happening on a global scale. Become the person your were born to be not the person people wanted you to be. You have a gift that can change the face of this planet and that is you just being more of you!

So, go out there and live life like you've never lived before, embody love, lead from the heart, speak your truth and share this sacred mantra with the world! This is what I will be teaching you in this course, how to cultivate that self love. To start vibrating at a higher frequency... what does that mean? Basically being happier.