Unicorns are a positive force of glittery energy, born from the stars and shining just as bright... mainly due to all the glitter and sequins ;-)


This fantastical synthesis of contact improvisation and tantra is a heart opening evening of sacred dance, movement meditation and, of course, ecstatic bliss.

We bring complete strangers together, build a safe container and take them on a moving journey into embodiment, heart-connection, love, joy, sensuality, presence and bliss. 

The 2.5hr workshop will consist of:
✮ Setting intentions & boundaries ✮
✮ The dance of Shakti & Shiva ✮
✮ Contact improv ✮
✮ Energy work ✮
✮ Guided group meditation ✮
✮ Dance of The Tantricorn ✮ 

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e: the_uddin@hotmail.com
workshops: www.facebook.com/SacredSA
The Fabulus of Unicorns: www.facebook.com/FabulusOfUnicornsUnicon




With a background as a professional break-dancer and flow artist, Shaft began teaching break-dance and meditation workshops at Burning Man events around the world in 2010.  He then took the London Conscious Clubbing scene by storm with his vibrant unicorn persona, founding The Fabulus of Unicorns (his collective noun for unicorns). The Fabulus have been instrumental in spreading the sparkle at conscious raves such as Morning Gloryville, WeAreOne and Awakening ever since. 

The Tantricorn Dance Into Bliss workshop represents the delicious coming together of Shaft's many years of experience as a performer, dance teacher, community builder and now sacred sexuality practitioner, for the ultimate experience in connection to self, other and the Divine.  

The workshop has already been hosted with huge success in London, Stockholm, at the Hawaii Tantra Festival 2015, Bali Flow Camp 2016 and many more locations.

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