“I must admit I was a little apprehensive going into my first ever Sacred Sexual Experience, but from the moment I arrived I felt comfortable and safe. Shaft created a beautiful space and was very professional and, above all, caring. I really felt his motive was a true desire for my Healing. I found it surprisingly easy to just let go and drop into the experience with my whole being. The Healing itself was very profound I felt long-held fears and trauma being released and left with a new sense of empowerment and understanding of myself, along with a keen desire to take my journey into Tantra further”
— Vanessa - London

Welcome to the VIP PACKAGE. This is an opportunity for you to unwind, relax and truly surrender, allowing an Awakened Trained Man take full care of you. I have spent years in worship to the Goddess, in this life and many before. My passion is the Sacred Feminine and the activation of her within all of us, men and women alike. 

This package is for Divine beings who have an intuition that there is more to life than work and deadlines, but whose busy lives hold back a deeper spiritual practice; unable to commit time to a tantric retreat, or a 10 week online course. This is the fast-track to deeper spiritual immersion. 


Deep transformative experience requires a huge amount of invested time. I have spent years travelling the world, learning from the top energy healers such as Mantak Chia, being certified by the top Tantra Teachers, such as Barbara Carrellas (who wrote Urban Tantra) and being in the presence of the creator of the Wheel of Consent, and now friend, Betty Martin. My training is forever ongoing with world class facilitators.

This solid and ever-growing foundation is the basis for my teachings and allows me to provide to you your own personal Urban Guru. The meaning of Guru is from the Darkness to the Light. We have all hit rock bottom, only to build a foundation from which we are able to grow even taller. We all have the ability to heal ourselves. With my VIP Package I provide you the tools for deeper self-love, self-healing and self-mastery, to empower you to become your own Guru.

This service allows you to fully surrender, while I take care of everything: Think of me as your personal Shiva. Wherever you are in the world, come find me in an exotic island location. All you have to do is Surrender into your Shakti and trust and I will take care of everything when you arrive.


For Shaktis, this will be a chance for you to surrender and allow an Awakened man to take control. I will be in complete service to your every need. Think of this experience as a month-long workshop condensed into a luxurious, one-on-one, tailor-made weekend, being treated like a Goddess and learning to embody deeper tools for self-love, massages and body work sessions and empowerment. This is a great opportunity for you to relax, unwind and educate yourself about your sacred body, and its infinite possibility for orgasmic bliss.


For Shivas, this will be a brotherly weekend training session to empower you to embody Shiva. I will take care of everything, so you have more time to relax the mind and come back to your body and spirit, and to cultivate presence and focus for the next stage of your evolution. Think of this experience as a one-on-one, tailor-made bonding weekend to unlearn everything you thought you knew about sexuality, whilst also learning deeper tools for self-love and how to be in service to the Goddess. This is a great opportunity for you to leave the stress of work behind and allow a fellow Shiva to take care of you in a brotherly, non-sexual way.

Day 2:


  • Galactic Orgasmic Meditation

  • Hold/Ha/Hug

  • LUNCH:

  • Tantric Sex Coaching


  • Evening Practice

  • Closing ceremony

Day 1:


  • Opening the sacred space & setting intentions

  • Boundaries - Yes/No Experience

  • Healing & Purpose

  • LUNCH:

  • Conscious Touch

  • Sacred Sexual Awakening Session for women / Training for men


  • Sacred Sexual Orbit

Price: £3000 all inclusive

m: +447977 149 091 (WhatsApp me)
e: the_uddin@hotmail.com
workshops: www.facebook.com/SacredSA