Tantra for me is truth and love, devotion and worship, connection and expansion, meditation and discipline. And - of course – magic! 

Tantra celebrates and elevates sex, orgasmic life-force energy and the balancing of masculine and feminine aspects within us, so that we can come to a place of love and understanding in the heart. 

Tantra is a gateway to extraordinary pleasure and the embodied realisation of the Divine. 

Why should you care? 

If we look back through history to all the times and places where sexual energy and/or the sexually awakened feminine has been – and continues to be – suppressed, we see social inequity, environmental destruction and war. 

We also see many sexually frustrated, unfulfilled women; many men who’ve lost connection with their body and soul, and many unhappy relationships. What most people don’t realise is that the two are absolutely connected.

A sexually empowered, fulfilled woman radiates love, positivity, creativity, abundance and joy into the world.  A man who can evoke this in his partner feels himself to be grounded, confident, potent, purposeful and alive.  In serving the feminine, he serves the world.  And every awakened man already knows this.

In most modern societies today, sex has become something to fear, sell or control. As a teacher of mine once said:

“The biggest STDs on the planet are: FEAR, GUILT & SHAME”  

None of us are taught about the completely different arousal pathways, physiological responses and psychological make-up of men and women. 

Pleasure – or ecstasy even (our natural orgasmic state, if only we realised it) – is not venerated, but feared!   

We are not taught to make or be love.   

And we’ve no idea how to relate consciously to one another – as lovers, families, communities or nations. 

Tantra teaches us how to be Human Kind

Tantra teaches about the polarity of the sexes (equal, yet different) and how to reach the Divine through loving the other

Tantra teaches us to serve. Service to the Divine and to humanity 

Tantra turns me into we, teaching us how to connect with ourselves first, so we can be overflowing with love for the other

Tantra teaches how to set and communicate boundaries 

Tantra teaches how to call in life and follow our desire 

Tantra teaches us to be present and solid in our Shiva, so our Shakti can run wild and free 

Tantra teaches us to own our feelings and desires: no more blaming others for our internal world, which is reflected in our external world.  

Tantra teaches that we’re perfect exactly the way
we are  

Tantra teaches us to work through co-creation, not competition 

Tantra teaches us to harness the manifesting power of sexual energy 

Tantra gifts us an abundance of life force, making us younger, sexier and healthier 

And as a by-product, we become incredible lovers, from understanding how to touch and arouse one another to the heights of ecstasy, to being able to relate and communicate without fear, blame or projection, so that we are both – and all – fulfilled, radiant, empowered and living to our highest potential. 

And by the way, who said this all had to be serious?  My approach is one of Divine Pray & Divine Play. As children, we learned through play and unbridled silliness.  And I’m all for embracing our inner child and original innocence on the path to enlightenment! Let’s learn through experience, juiciness, fun and laughter. Spiritual growth doesn't have to be so serious. Where's the fun in that?